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Holiday Services

Come home from Holidays to a clean pool

So you are going away for a week or more and definitely don't want to come back to a swamp. If you want someone to keep an eye out and make sure nothing goes wrong while you are away then Pool Geeks has the solution.

We offer a tiered service that means you only pay for what you need. You can get us to take care of all pool maintenance while you are away or you can get us out to check it occasionally while a neighbour or friend takes care of the routine maintenance and keeps a general watch over it.

How it works

Each time we visit we start out as a Tier 1 service - a water test, empty the baskets, and a quick check up of the equipment. If we notice anything that could cause problems for your pool we increase the service to the next appropriate tier. If everything is looking good we leave it as a Tier 1 service and you get the cheapest possible holiday maintenance. 

These services can be booked in for whatever frequency you like, though we recommend a weekly visit.

Billing Terms

Normally we bill via email with next day payment terms but realise that in many cases you may not have reliable access to email or payment services whilst you are away from home. If this is the situation for you let us know and we can work out payment terms more suited to your particular situation.

Tiered Service

Our tiers have the same inclusions and conditions as our normal service levels but with the extra level of care required for an unoccupied property. The extra inclusions are outlined below.

Tier 1

Water test service

Tier 2

Water test plus service

Starting from $33.00

Tier 4

Test and Treat Service

Starting from $44.00

Tier 4

Pool Check Up Service

Starting from $49.50

Added value:

  • Check water level & top up as necessary (may require follow up visit or charge for tap timer)

Tier 5

Full Service

Starting from $66.00

Added value:

  • Discounted pricing of a 4 week regular pool service
  • Check water level & top up as necessary (may require follow up visit)

Follow up visit

Starting from $11.00

Sometimes you may need a follow up visit after one of the services such as when the water needs topping up. For these types of situations we will charge $11.00 call out fee plus labour.